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Make That Call Home With A Phone Card

Sunday, May 30, 2010

f you are an immigrant or naturalized citizen of the United States, but from the Philippines, what is the best way for you to call home without breaking the bank? Most of my Philippine friends and acquaintances have found that a Philippine phone card can be the best answer. Calling overseas to anywhere is not a cheap thing to do, with prices running up as high as a dollar or two per minute. There has to be a better way, then, right?

A Philippine phone card is really the best answer. Phone companies produce the phone cards with lower minute rates because you are paying up front for the time. Since they have their money in advance, the per minute price on a Philippine phone card is really more reasonable than with anything else. They are offered through a variety of companies and service providers, but most are fine since you are going through a Philippine phone card instead of a phone plan.

So where do you find a Philippine phone card? Well, the best place to start off is like with most anything else these days: the internet. There, you will find a number of Philippine phone cards available for purchase. Use your favorite search engine to search for them. Your other option is to just look for international calling websites or even the websites of specific phone service providers worldwide. Take your time and search thoroughly to make sure you get the best possible price on your Philippine phone card.

The second good place to look for Philippine phone cards is at your local stores. Many Philippine stores or grocery suppliers will offer Philippine phone card at their check out line. You may also find them at gas stations and department stores located in prominent Philippine neighborhoods. Ask the clerks as well since sometimes if they don't have the cards they may know of another place that might.

Fourth, consider asking friends and family. If you are from the Philippines, you likely have friends or family of the same descent as you. They may be aware of good places to purchase or order Philippine phone cards. They will also know where the best prices are and who offers the best service on their cards. By talking with friends and or family you will save yourself a lot of the research above. That is, assuming that they did their research.

Being an immigrant is not easy, so it is important to you to keep in touch with your friends and family. Simply picking up your phone and dialing overseas can cost you a fortune. However, you can always look into buying a Philippine phone card. With it you can save yourself a lot of money.
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