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Having a Great RV Vacation

Monday, April 02, 2007

Vacationing with a recreational vehicle or RV is the ultimate experience in freedom. You are literally in control of your every travel movement. You are the king of the road.

There are many recreational vehicles to choose from, including the truck camper, the folding camping trailer, the travel trailer, the motorhome, the motorcoach, or the campervan. You can rent or buy your RV, or if you are very passionate about it, you can fashion your own.

The perfect RV

An RV should, at the very minimum, contain beds, a table, and kitchen benches and cupboards. But you can also get an RV with fully-functional bathrooms, refrigerators, larger living areas and bedrooms. In fact, some RVs are truly like a home away home with satellite TV and internet connections. An RV vacation can be as simple or as elaborately luxurious as you like.

The advantages of RV vacations

There are so many advantages to RV travel, it's hard to imagine an RV vacation could be anything less than great. With so many in-vehicle features, you can hit the road whenever you like and wherever you like without carrying luggage around and saving money on meals by preparing your own. RV vacations are also the perfect vacations for kids.

How to organize an RV vacation

Organizing a great RV vacation is easy. At the very minimum you need to stock up on road maps, and ideally use the Internet to research the places your wish to visit. You'll need to locate where the RV parks and camping grounds are situated. You can plan as much or as little of your itinerary as you want, but always let people back home know what direction you are traveling in. Once you've bought or rented your RV spend some time learning how to operate the various equipment. Take a few practice driving (and parking) rounds to get a feel for the peculiarities of driving an RV. And then, get ready, get set, and go!
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